Take control of your energy spend and put money back into your own pockets

Solar Saving Experts LTD are installers of solar PV and battery storage technology across Scotland and the north of England.

We have installed many domestic and commercial systems and are trusted experts when it comes to all aspects of solar, from inverter upgrades to get the most out of your system, maintenance and birdproofing to keep it in good condition, as well as battery storage and grid trading to empower you to get full financial benefit and maximum savings from your investment.


We install and upgrade solar panels to help give you energy independence.

Whatever your requirements, we will work closely with you to ensure the solar PV system installed is the best for you and your home, fitted to perfection, and backed with our guarantee.

Battery Storage

Our team would be delighted to help you decide which of our battery storage solutions is most suitable to meet your energy requirements.

Inverter Upgrades

Upgrade your system to the latest technology and ensure an increase in efficiency and generation.

Solar PV

Our team would be delighted to help you choose the best Solar PV solution to meet your requirements


There are a variety of bird proofing solutions available for solar paneling to prevent pest birds from impacting your solar panel installation and its efficiency.
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What Our Happy Clients Say

Mr Brown

I called out Solar Saving Experts, when I noticed my existing panels weren’t performing properly, one of their very helpful advisors came out to visit us, after exploring different options, we were recommended to upgrade our system to the latest Canadian Solar Panels, although it’s early days, last month we only spent £5 importing energy from the grid, we are absolutely delighted with the money we are now able to save, future price increases are no longer a worry for us, I’d thoroughly recommend SSE to any of my friends and family!

Mr Briarcroft

I’ve had my solar panels installed for a number of years now, for the purposes of selling the energy back to the grid! With the current energy crisis I wanted the facility to store the electricity from my panels so I could use it as and when I need it. This is when I contacted Solar Saving Experts. We were delighted to find out that not only can we store the energy from the panels, but we get to keep our existing Feed In Tarriff, meaning we’ve basically doubled up on our investment! Having analysed the system over the past 3 months, we’ve noticed a 60% reduction in our energy bills, considering we are fairly high users, I was more than impressed! Thanks again to the team at SSE!

Mr/Mrs Hughes

Neat and tidy installation provided by Solar Saving Experts! Recently had solar panels fitted to our property, neat and tidy installation, the work was carried out very quickly despite the high winds at the time! A full explanation on how to use the system was provided, with us being older this was a worry for us! I’m over the moon with my panels and we’re even considering going back to SSE to add a battery!

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